What would it be like to fly?

The Cloisters team got to fly for the first time in September, and it wasn’t by riding in an aeroplane, instead, they jumped out of one!

General Manager Jane Lothian and Professional Assistant Stephanie Eardley took the plunge, literally, and took team building to new heights with a tandem skydive at Jurien Bay Skydive.

At 15,000 feet, they were nudged towards the open door of the plane before taking the jump to experience free-fall at over 200km/h over the spectacular views of Jurien Bay. Sixty seconds later, their parachute’s deployed and it was a peaceful float under the canopy, soaking up the views from above until they made it safely back to solid ground.

It was a memorable experience they’ll never forget!

If you’ve always been curious about skydiving, we highly recommend you reach out to the very capable team at Jurien Bay Skydive.


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