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Caroline Christie-Coxon

You may have noticed a pop of vibrant colour alongside our Old Cloisters Building. Follow the path to the solo exhibition of established abstract artwork by Caroline Christie-Coxon.

Caroline Christie-Coxon’s gestural abstract art is about the act of painting on a large scale. She has been exploring techniques in her process driven painting style for the last three decades. The artist dribbles, splashes and manipulates her medium on the canvas surface to create spontaneous and organic compositions.

Caroline Christie-Coxon - Solo Exhibition

Having graduated a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cape Town in 1992, Major History of Art, Caroline finds inspiration from the art movements of Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting, along with artists such as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning and Norman Bluhm. Like her predecessors, Caroline aims to create colour fields that encourage self- reflection and interest within each viewer.

My work is about the process of art making; and the processes of paint. I engage pigmented substances as elemental and reactive; presenting with scale, gesture and action.

My process driven art is about recording paint, subject to effect – such as density and flow in response to gravity, applied forces, elemental exposure and chemical reaction. What I put onto canvas is not pictures, but painterly events.

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