The Cows come to Cloisters


The City of Perth will soon host a citywide installation of 40 artistically styled cow statues for a new community event as part of the largest and most successful public art program in the world: CowParade Perth. The Parade will encourage visitation to the City to experience the colour over a six-week event.

The Cows, which will be spread across the City, are expected to attract a broad range of up to 250,000 visitors delivering an injection of at least $8.7m into the Perth City economy.

Cloisters are excited to be part of this exciting and entertaining event, and will soon have our own Cow grazing outside old Cloisters on St Georges Terrace. Drop by between 31 October and 11 December to meet her!

Tying in with CowParade is Amazing Grazing, a city-wide promotion that will see food and beverage retailers getting into the spirit of CowParade with their own cow-themed dishes, including beef, dairy, cheese and chocolate-themed options. Take a stroll through our retail arcade to try some of the Amazing Grazing offers.

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