Complex Programs and Initiatives.


A commitment to sustainability.

At Cloisters, we maintain an ongoing commitment to sustainability and have an integrated approach to environmental initiatives within the precinct while continuously improving practices that will minimise our environmental footprint.

To achieve this, we identify and understand the environmental aspects of our business operations at Cloisters and deliver improvements through best practice. Consequently, particularly since the completion of the redevelopment, energy and water consumption of the precinct, in particular 200 St Georges Terrace, has been steadily reducing and ongoing efforts are being made to encourage our tenants to reduce their waste.

Cloisters is becoming one of the most energy-efficient buildings in WA and has recently been awarded a 5.5-star NABERS Energy base building rating, without the purchase of Green Power.

Through a process of continuous improvement and capital investment by the building Owners, the energy use of both 200 St Georges Terrace and 863 Hay Street is being constantly reduced. Over the past five years, significant savings have been achieved and further substantial savings are being targeted into the future.

The following details a little about the current initiatives in place, particularly in relation to the extension our recycling and waste management programme.

863 Hay Street


200 St Georges Tce


863 Hay Street


200 St Georges Tce


Ongoing Initiatives.


Cloisters has a strong indoor environment performance reflecting good equipment selection, operation and management. The rating takes into account thermal comfort, air quality and acoustic comfort. The high rating is attributable to the close control of building temperatures, the use of high efficiency air filters and an ongoing program of Air Quality audits that are carried out annually.


Water use on site is carefully managed and has been gradually reduced over the life of the building through minor improvements including the fitting of flow restrictors to all hand basin taps and the installation of AAA-rated shower heads.


  • Comprehensive energy management Tracking, Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting program in place;
  • Indicative month to month NABERS tracking for both Buildings;
  • 5 Star NABERS Building Energy Efficiency rating for 863 Hay Street;
  • 4.5 Star NABERS Building Energy Efficiency rating for 200 St George Terrace; (targeting a 5 Star NABERS rating post Capex works to the chillers and mechanical services);
  • Nominal Lighting Power Density BEEC ratings for all tenancies;
  • Tenant Lighting Energy Efficiency Assessment demonstrating control capacity for all tenancies;
  • Extensive building metering to accurately measure and track consumption;
  • Energy efficient chillers, VAV’s and mechanical services plant (Capex expenditure of $4.5mill in FY 2017 / 2019)
  • Sensor operated and photo sensitive energy efficient lighting;
  • Heat and glare reduction window treatments;
  • Co-mingled recycling program with output tracking and reporting;
  • Green Lease provisions that ensure Tenants fit out’s incorporate green philosophies and initiatives;
  • Engagement with like-minded consultants and contractors;
  • Ongoing upgrades to the toilet and bathroom facilities with water-efficient fixtures and fittings;
  • Ongoing water consumption reductions, water consumption has been reduced by 20% since 2016;
  • Thermal and climatic controlled roof space in the Courtyard precinct
  • Extensive Bicycle parking and storage facility;
  • End of Trip facilities to encourage an energetic lifestyle;
  • Walking distance to Bus, Trains, Ferry and CAT bus service.