SASR, TRG and ADF Incursion Exercise


If you were a passing by Cloisters on Friday evening 18 May, you may have got a bit of a scare! Loud gunfire and the sound of three Black Hawk helicopters landing on the building would be enough to make you walk a bit faster in the other direction! Imagine how the management team felt as we were held hostage by five fully armed “terrorists”.

Cloisters Management were approached by the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) and were asked if we would be willing to participate by providing access to the Cloisters precinct to host a counter-terrorism exercise. How could we say ‘no’?

Incursion exercises are a huge part of the important training that our Government undertake to ensure the safety and security of our city should a terrorist attack ever occur.

Following our consent, the Tactical Response Group (TRG) conducted a joint counter-terrorism exercise with the Australia Defence Force (ADF) Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) at Cloisters.

The exercise initially involved hostage negotiations in our two adjoining buildings (QBE House and 863 Hay Street). Once it became apparent the negotiations had reached a stalemate, the SASR combined with TRG to resolve the threat.

TRG has responsibility for maintaining specialist force capabilities which enable WA Police to respond to terrorist threats.

In anticipation that military forces may become involved in a WA incident, it’s vital to have a mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities and to ensure interoperability between units. ‰Australian jurisdictions rely on cooperation between police and the ADF to enhance counter-terrorism capability and capacity. To test this interoperability, there’s a need to validate command arrangements and operational effectiveness, should an incident ever occur.

Cloisters Management were honoured to assist our Government by hosting this incursion and we value the safety and security of our city and community. What an absolute experience it was to go behind the scenes and experience our Defence Forces in action. Here are some amazing snaps from the evening.


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