Enhancements for your comfort

QBE House

While you have been slumbering away in your bed at night time, our team of mechanical services contractors have been feverishly working away in strategic spaces. The building owners and managers have embarked on an aggressive program to enhance the building air-conditioning system and performance. This has been undertaken with our consultants NDY and mechanical contractors AMS Technology.

The existing constant volume system is being modified during the night to be both more flexible and responsive to the occupant comfort requirements.

Each floor is having the old technology constant volume hot water re-heat system replaced with modern Variable Volume zonal systems with new heating water coils improving both efficiency and comfort.

Whilst this is occurring the existing main air handling units are being modified with the replacement of new generation cooling coils to ensure improved efficiency and better heat transfer. The existing Building Management control system is being replaced with a new current generation Alerton control system to ensure that the air-conditioning system has a greater degree of flexibility enabling improved equipment response to occupant variances.

This is all being done to ensure minimal disruption to your daily operation, and when complete early next year, will provide greater reliability comfort and efficiency for the occupants of QBE House.

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