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Street art

Cloisters are again leading the charge with creating vibrant, welcoming urban spaces in the west end of Perth.

Tahnee Kalland, a Mandurah based artist, recently transformed our once dull and industrial loading dock into a floral masterpiece. Her beautiful mural adds a touch of peace, tranquillity and positivity to the area.

The mural is a first for Tahnee, who had not previously tackled a mural of this size. From scissor lift breakdowns to 36-degree days, Tahnee has pushed through the obstacles, producing the beautiful installation in under a week.

To see the mural for yourself, take a walk to our loading dock, situated down the ally between Bankwest and Friendlies Pharmacy on Hay Street.

Find out more about Tahnee’s work and her recent facelift of Tuckey Lane in Mandurah, see her Facebook Page or Instagram Page.

Street artStreet art

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