The Cloisters, a compact two-storey Victorian Tudor style brick building at 200 St. Georges Terrace Perth, was built in 1858 by Bishop Hale, Perth’s first Anglican Bishop and designed by colonial architect Richard Roach Jewell.



Originally a secondary school for boys, at the time it was the sole source of education in the Perth colony. In 1872, the boys school relocated with a girls’ school taking residence until the late 1890’s, when the school closed due to the rise of government schooling. Since its initial beginnings, the building has been used as a WAAF Barracks, Dutch Club, residential home for nurses, guest house and more recently for commercial use.



In 1967, a campaign generated public support for retention of the historical building and the Port Jackson fig tree in front of it. A proposal for a twin tower office building with a plaza and shopping arcade, including the restoration of The Cloisters, was approved by Perth City Council and construction began.



In June 2015, a second refurbishment of the Cloisters was completed along with the redevelopment of the properties located at 861 – 863 Hay Street and QBE House at 200 St Georges Terrace. This concluded a three year, $70million transformation to include an A-Grade office building at 861-863 Hay Street and complete refurbishment of the Cloisters arcade. The building positioned above Cloisters at 200 St Georges Terrace, built in 1971, is currently in the process of being upgraded to a Grade A standard.